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We are an educational institute that serves the local and traveling population by creating an intercultural exchange. We seek to develop sociolinguistic skills within Villa de Leyva to build a bilingual community.

The language that we teach the most at GET ON INSTITUTE is English, since it is the most widespread international language and today it has become a fundamental tool for the development of human beings, stimulating students to open their minds to understanding other cultures and bringing them to the level of interacting with fluency, confidence and security in an increasingly internationalized world


Our Mission & Our Vision

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To provide through our educational modules, training for children, including in early childhood development, the basics of the native English language. To provide young people with the possibility of finishing their high school with the command of at least one more language and to certify themselves at an intermediate B2 or advanced C1 level, in order to respond to the demands of higher education. To the adults, from the towns of Villa de Leyva and its surroundings, to offer them the opportunity to develop skills in bilingualism, which allows them to develop in the communication with the foreigners, offering them, with professionalism, an attention that optimizes the yield of the establishments, achieving that the tourism is constituted in a pleasing experience, for those who invest in the region, their time and their money. To also benefit the foreigners, in the appropriation and improvement of the Spanish language, in such a way that they can share their interests, knowledge and feelings, in a foreign environment, in the search of an effective cultural and social exchange in the construction of a more human, pluralist and globalized society

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Get On Institute is one of the most important multilingual training institutions in the world, responding to the demands of multilingualism that favors immersion in multicultural exchange, benefiting all people in aspects of cooperation, culture, science, marketing and industry, in an atmosphere of tolerance, respect and mutual understanding, so that in other parts of the world, we can be present to benefit Colombians and foreigners, responding to their needs and interests and the moment


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our programs are focused on bilingual academic training, according to the parameters stipulated in the common European framework of reference, classified according to knowledge and age, by means of a diagnostic test or placement test, to favor the strengthening of skills and abilities for human development, given the conditions of this region and of Colombia, which today, need people trained in languages

Our objective is to offer updated and appropriate training, in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference, to the requirements of multilingualism, through the mastery of several languages, in order to respond to the basic communicative needs of the human being, who is currently forced to interact with people from different regions of the world.

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